• Blue Plaid Wool Suit

Men's suits, elegant - luxurious, for the best gentlemen. The suit is suitable for work as well as partying. Accessories from sewing thread to button are delicate choices, the perfect combination of colors brings a class outfit. Lightweight elastic elastic material feels comfortable and healthy when worn. Slim fit, 2 front pockets, 2 button.

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Notch Lapel

It is the standard lapel when you think about a jacket. The bottom and top of the collar make a 75-90 degree angle

2 Buttons

The classic option. If you don't know why we talk about buttons, choose this one. Last button always undone! 

Customised Lining

Customised lining fabric 

Double-Welted Pocket With Button

The classic choice. If you are searching for standard pants this is your option

Blue Plaid Wool Suit:
The perfect outfit for everyone, suitable for work as well as partying. We give you the ability to tailor the suit to your liking.

When the fabric and colors are right for you, you can start adjusting the details, such as Lapels, Buttons, Bags, and more. This Blue Plaid Suit is truly unique and is a great addition to your wardrobe.

The suit is made entirely to your liking and measurements to make sure it fits you perfectly. Thanks to our high-quality control and experience, we can give you a perfect fit guarantee.

You are living, working, or traveling in Ho Chi Minh City.
With more than 150 fabric samples you can choose from at the store.
Feel free to choose and design your favorite suit.
Book an appointment and try out our service tailoring custom tailored suits for men.


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