• Custom suit - Blue Suit
  • Custom suit - Blue Suit
  • Custom suit - Blue Suit
  • Custom suit - Blue Suit

Men's suits, elegant - luxurious, for the best gentlemen. The suit is suitable for work as well as partying. Lightweight elastic elastic material feels comfortable and healthy when worn. Slim fit, 2 front pockets, 2 button. Accessories from sewing thread to button are delicate choices, the perfect combination of colors brings a class outfit.

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Notch Lapel

It is the standard lapel when you think about a jacket. The bottom and top of the collar make a 75-90 degree angle

2 Buttons

The classic option. If you don't know why we talk about buttons, choose this one. Last button always undone! please!

Customised Lining

Customised lining Battler fabric.

Double-Welted Pocket With Button

The classic choice. If you are searching for standard pants this is your option

(+84) 935 99 0405