Custom tailored shirts. We offer a wide range of fabric patterns suitable for everyone and all ages. Find the most popular shirt models for businesses: white, blue, and pink shirts with large and small plaid patterns..v.v.

You are living, working or traveling in Ho Chi Minh City.
You can go to the store to choose the style and material you want.
There are many different fabrics and colors in the store for you to choose from.

With a custom tailored shirts and show your attention to every detail that fits your body.

1. CHOOSE FABRIC. New shirt fabrics every season to provide you with a variety of trendy fabrics.

2. DESIGN YOUR SHIRT. Personalize the details of your tailor-made shirts such as buttons, collar, cufflinks and designs, etc.

3. YOUR MEASUREMENT. Get your measurements. Proceed to cut and tailored shirt


Contact us. Best quality tailoring service at affordable prices.

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