Where to get the Finest tailor for event in Ho Chi Minh?
Where to get the Finest tailor for event in Ho Chi Minh?

With the development of the society, men also know how to dress more elegantly, not only to express their personal taste but also to show his social knowledge. To a man, how he dress will enhance his social status. A suit is the armor of men, the most confident and beautiful costume for men. To help you get the right choice to attend the event, August is confident to be the finest tailor for event in Ho Chi Minh.


Things you need to know before choosing tailor for event



Gray has many shades, from bright like silver gray to dark colors like silver gray, each color is suitable for different times and places, not as easy as black or navy. You have to think about whether the place you go to, the time of day, the event you attend is a workplace or a party ... that matches the colors you choose. Usually bright colors are for the day, cool weather or partying; Dark colors for cold weather, business and night time.


The color should match your skin tone


Skin also plays an important role. Light gray is suitable for people with white skin, blond hair. As for people with dark skin and black hair, they should choose silver gray, dark gray.


Choose a men’s suit with flexibility


If you want flexibility for all times and events, choose shades of gray between light and dark. The striped or plaid pattern is only suitable for people from about 27 years old, because it makes you look mature. A plain gray male suit and a small checkered suit will be suitable for young people. To follow the smart casual trend, combine men's vest with round neck t-shirt.


Select details for men's vest


A gray outfit from head to toe will make you look very boring, let's settle this with the details. Choose accessories that match the same color as the shirt (usually white) but darker, such as a white shirt with silver cufflinks, an off-white pocket scarf, a gray / silver tie with a pattern . Silver and gold men's jewelry offers great accents on a gray background.


Matching shoes with the suit


To match a perfect men's vest, it is indispensable to shoes. Remember that gray is a neutral and trendy color, there will be a lot of options for you with shoes. Safest are the dark brown or burgundy western shoes, broguing motifs go great with a gray men's suit. Black shoes or suede sli-ons are also good options. For those who like the casual direction, low-neck sneakers with invisible socks are a very popular trend today.


Choose the form of the suit


As a general rule in any outfit, shape is of paramount importance besides color. They will clearly demarcate the line between "great" and "despair". Please take good care of the suit jacket because it is the thing that shows the most out of the advantages and disadvantages of the overall outfit. So it is advisable to wear tailored suits, not buy pre-purchased.


Choose the right fitting


Looking at your jacket shoulder, the right sleeve and shoulder mix fits your arms and shoulders. The jacket is neither too loose nor too tight. Clothing must also be slim-fit, not tight or loose.


Where to get the Finest tailor for event in Ho Chi Minh?

August Tailor has a team of professionals with many years in the profession will create the perfect tailor for event suit for you. August Tailor always thinks that fashion is the constant exploration and creativity, that's why the fashion products of August Tailor are designed with elegant, youthful, modern and catchy colours with the latest fashion trends in the world. Together with a team of young tailors combined with skilled Vietnam tailoring more than 20 years of experience, we want to bring perfection every day to men through each product. Careful every detail with high quality product materials and the most reasonable price on the market today, ensuring customers comfort according to needs as well as preferences.


Benefits when tailoring for event at August Tailor

August Tailor is different and most attractive compared to other brands, with the rigor of the production process, from choosing materials of fabrics imported from Italy, Canada, ... or woven at the factory, to the creation of individual designers of patterns for tailor for event. Unique code with optimal form, a variety of styles and colors for consumers to always be youthful but equally elegant, August Tailor always adheres to the principle that everything when delivered to customers must always be perfect.


Always striving to dedicate themselves to bring the best results, we hope that when gentlemen wearing August Tailor products can exude confidence, exuding courage in each stride.


If you’re interested in tailor for event suit or any other services, please contact us for assistance, the store is always ready to serve the creation of the best clothes for you.




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