Where to find the best custom tailoring in Vietnam
Where to find the best custom tailoring in Vietnam

Tailoring Vietnam is trending now, especially custom tailoring. Custom tailoring is nothing but getting your garments stitched by a custom tailor who will design and make your garments exactly as per requirement and body measurements. The best custom tailoring is exclusively something made just for you – is arguably the greatest suit that must have in the wardrobe. If you don't know where to find the best custom tailoring in Vietnam, August Tailor will be the best option for you.

The benefits of custom tailoring

 The benefits of custom tailoring

1.A great fit

Custom fit is the primary reason to invest in tailored clothes. You deserve a suit that fits you like wearing shoes, and the only way to get the perfect fit is with a tailoring custom suit. Tailoring custom suits are precisely tailored and made to fit your body perfectly. To look good and attractive in the attire that you wear, clothes are built to your shape that have enough room for comfort without being baggy or formless.

2. Quality over price

In case of custom tailoring, Tailors put keen attention on precision. In this way, tailors provide you nothing but amazing designs and superior quality. If you want, you can choose to pick up the fabric of your choice and hand it over to the tailor; hence, you can be sure of the durability of the material as well.

3. Style your style

You can express yourself by the style of your custom suit. Instead of being limited by off-the-rack availability, you can have the colors, prints, stripes and shapes you prefer. A suit can be as couture and fashion-forward as you want it to be. Wearing a tailoring custom suit not only helps you look more special in the crowd, show your personal aura, but also take you a step above other well-dressed men. 

4. Durability

Custom tailoring may cost more than ready to wear suits. Because they’re beautifully and durably constructed and custom fitted, they will last longer and look better. Moreover, you would be aware of the tailoring process, there wouldn’t be any scope for things going wrong.

In case you are looking for one, you can consider August Tailor — the tailoring Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City.


Where to find the best custom tailoring in Vietnam

 Where to find the best custom tailoring in Vietnam

August tailor is praised by experienced customers as the best tailor in Ho Chi Minh City. It really lives up to this name as a large number of customers have come here and left with absolute satisfaction. 

The store's products include custom-tailored suits, shirts, jackets, tuxedo, trousers, etc. We hope to bring to customers the elegant outfits for gentlemen to have the perfect suit for work, wedding or formal events. Careful and precise every detail, ensuring customers comfort according to needs as well as preferences. Another highlight is the gentle and professional service characteristic of this tailoring shop. A friendly and enthusiastic staff will listen carefully to your request and give helpful advice. August Tailor have an impressive turnaround time thanks to a great team of skilled tailors and slick assistants.

August Tailor as a custom tailoring Vietnam. It has earned a global reputation for providing stylish, high-quality, modern apparel that fits all body shapes. With the tailoring process from choosing fabric materials, colours, to styles, designs and finally taking measurements on your body is done with ease and comfort. The parameters will be kept in the store for three years so you can easily order your next suits. Products are tailor-made and can be delivered within 3 -> 5 days in our stores and 1-> 2 weeks delivered to your home anywhere in the world.


The best custom tailoring in August Tailor

 The best custom tailoring in August Tailor

August Tailor's service is professional due to our careful measurements and multiple fittings to make a great suit. If you have any special requests on styling or even delivery, just state it in advance and we will get it done for you. We also keep a permanent record of customers’ measurements so it’s very convenient for those who want to re-order. All it takes is a chat about types of fabric, buttons, stitching, and anything else necessary for tailoring a suit and you’re done! Happy staff, quality service, talented tailors, fair price, what could possibly make your experience better in August Tailor – tailoring Vietnam.

So if you want to have a wide selection with a competitive price and no wait-time, August tailor is your ideal place! Please contact us and book an appointment to experience the best thing ever.




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