What is the difference between a blazer and a sport coat?
What is the difference between a blazer and a sport coat?

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What is a blazer?

Dressier than sports jackets but not as formal as a suit, the blazer serves as a nice middle ground piece that elevates outfits nicely without going overboard. The blazer that we recognize today has origins in the early 1800’s, during which the captain of the warship HMS Blazer commissioned short, double-breasted navy jackets with brass buttons for his crew in an attempt to appear presentable for Queen Victoria, who visited the ship in 1837. To his surprise, the queen liked them so much that their popularity surged and they became a standard uniform piece shortly thereafter. The blazer grew in popularity throughout Europe for both work and leisure purposes, and traveled over to the US’s fashion scene in the early 20th century.

Distinguishing Characteristics

- Highly versatile–dress one up or down with ease

- Traditionally navy blue, but today come in a wide variety of colors (it should be noted, though, that if you only own one blazer, make it a navy one)

- Come in 2-button single-breasted, 3-button single-breasted, and 6-button double-breasted varieties

- Offer a bit more shoulder structure and are more tailored than a sports jacket

- Feature buttons that are traditionally gold, silver, or mother of pearl (though both casual and formal button varieties can be found today)

What is a sports coat?

Starting with the least formal of the three, a sports jacket (a.k.a. “sportcoat”) is typically a less structured, more casual piece. Decades ago, a sports jacket served a function precisely as its nomenclature implies–that is, it was what men wore specifically when they were participating in sporting activities such as hunting. Sports jackets were also what a man would wear in the mornings or when the season or occasion did not warrant something as formal as a suit. Back in the day, sports jackets were considered a luxury item, as many men could only afford a traditional suit without any alternative options. Over time, as clothing became more abundant and affordable, the sports jacket lost its association with outdoor activities and grew instead to be a staple of casual yet sophisticated style.

Distinguishing Characteristics

- Offered in a wide variety of colors and patterns

- Are less structured and fitted, providing the ability to layer as well as a wider range of movement

- Sometimes (though not always anymore) feature elbow patches, slits, ticket pockets, and/or pleats

Sport Coats, and Blazers: What’s the Difference?


• Dressier than a sport coat, but more casual than a suit jacket Originally worn by memberS of boating clubs

• Usually solid in color, almost always navy

• Traditionally made from wool

• Traditionally has brass/metal buttons, but that's not always the case now

• Can sometimes look good with jeans, but brass buttons make it harder

Sport Coats:

• More casual than a blazer Originally worn during "sporting" activities (hunting, shooting, etc) Fabrics are usually tweed, cotton, or linen

• Often has less construction than a blazer or suit jacket Sometimes people will use the term "blazer" when referring to sportcoats (traditionalists hate this, but most don't think it's a big deal)

•Usually looks good with jeans

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