Three-piece suits for weddings
Three-piece suits for weddings

In weddings, the groom's clothes are often more simple than the bride's. However, nowadays, the groom not only wears traditional suits, but also shows off their fashion personality with impressive suit styles, updated trends. Along with the wedding dress, a perfect wedding suit will help create the style for the whole wedding. Therefore, August Tailor's Three-piece Suit will be the perfect choice for the guys on the big day.

Advantages of the Three-Piece Suit


Many people think that this type of suit is old-fashioned and conservative, but in fact, this is the secret weapon of a man. Once you put a Three-piece Suit on, you will be encouraged to behave elegantly, confidently, and become the most stylish gentleman.

Three-piece Suit will be perfect for a man seeking for a distinctive style at his wedding and still looks outstanding and elegant. This suit creates an entire and single stretch of the suit stuff from the shoulders to the ankles, with quality fabric going along the body gives a man’s body a handsomely balanced appearance.

Specifically, a waistcoat also gives you another layer of confidence. If you have some imperfections on your body but have to wear a light-colored shirt underneath, a dark waistcoat will distract attention from your belly to your face and neck. Its other benefit is to keep your tie in place, when you don't have a tie clip and and your tie may bounce around each time you make different movements, giving you a perfect appearance on your wedding day.

The three-piece suit can flexibly become a two-piece suit anytime through the simple expedient of leaving the waistcoat to wear into a more comfortable two-piece suit but still looking good for post-wedding parties. 

Three-Piece Suit Dress Code



Three-piece Suit often reserved for formal dress code and special occasions such as weddings due to its sophisticated appearance. Whether as a groom, best man or wedding guest with a three-piece suit you are always well-dressed. Classic colors like black are good for evening functions, and colors like gray and navy blue will be good options for daytime events. In particular, you can add a sleek tie or bow for a more formal look, you should discuss with your bride in advance so that both of you will have a harmonious appearance on the wedding day.


Besides formal occasions, a Three-piece Suit is also ideal for semi-formal events, you should avoid bold colors and fancy accessories. Instead, choose a grey or navy suit and match it with a basic oxford shirt in white and pale blue. Then, leather oxford or derby shoes and a conservatively patterned tie will be a smart way to complete your look.

Perfect suit for your big day with August Tailor


August Tailor understands that weddings are the most important occasion and a special milestone in everyone's life. And so we always try to bring the most cherish services for you, create quality suits with premium fabrics, and trendy designs, create a special item for your big day, as well as feel honored to admire the complete suits worn by customers on their wedding day.

August Tailor has everything you need for a perfect suit. We have a team of professional tailors, putting the heart into each product to bring you the best. Staff are always ready to meet your requirements, advise the suit designs and adjust immediately until you feel satisfied with the product. With the ability to process and complete customer measurements quickly, saving customers’ maximum time. August Tailor believes that customer satisfaction is the motivation to improve and develop our service quality.

If you are interested in tailor Three-piece Suit at August Tailor or any other services, please contact us for assistance, the store is always ready to serve the creation of the best clothes for you.


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