The Best Custom Tailoring in Ho Chi Minh City
The Best Custom Tailoring in Ho Chi Minh City

Custom Tailoring is comfortable, aesthetic, and elegant. They will fit the body and even show their personality. Additionally, it uses techniques that can personalize a garment to the smallest details. If you are looking for custom tailoring in Ho Chi Minh, August Tailor is the best choice for you. We specialized tailored professional and quality clothes in Ho Chi Minh. Come to August Tailor you will try many wonderful things!

Advantages of custom tailoring

Best fit your body

The fit of custom-tailored clothes is the biggest advantage for you. Tailor will make your clothes according to your personal measurements. It will be too tight or too loose. Clothes that fit properly accentuate your best features. Custom-tailored clothing is fitted specifically for your body proportions. The perfect fit will provide comfort and ease of movement while being well-cut to your measurements.

High quality materials

A high quality custom-tailored clothing will make you look the part without much effort. It allows you to choose from a wide variety of materials from quality sources. Therefore, you can expect a reputable tailor to use quality fabrics on any of the suits you order, sit with them for a few minutes and go through their material catalog before you settle on the final choice. Custom Tailoring is made by professionals who are passionate about their work, so details are never overlooked.

Express your personal style

When you buy custom-tailored clothes, you get to decide exactly what you want. You can mix and match styles that highlight your inner personality. The tailor provides you with a wide range of options that you can combine any way that you like. Personalize your wardrobe with unlimited color, style, buttons, threads, and design combinations. When you're in a rush and you need an available outfit, a custom tailoring really is going to make the difference.

Save time and get what you want

Browsing through one or two stores to find a fitting suit can be time-consuming. You could go through the custom tailoring store and selection process in less time than that. Make a quick appointment, go in for fitting, choose your fabrics and then come back in a few days when the suit is ready for the final adjustments. The whole procedure can take less than a week and makes a much bigger impact.

Worthwhile investment

Tailoring is a worthwhile investment for improving and enhancing any type of clothing through all seasons. Quality is more valuable than quantity. Custom tailoring gives you confidence and comfort. With professional tailoring, you can even find high quality items and suit your body type and needs.

Where to find the best custom tailoring in Ho Chi Minh City?

August Tailor as a Custom Tailoring shop in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It has earned a global reputation for providing stylish, high-quality, modern apparel that fits all body types. With experienced and professional tailors, we ensure the quality and beauty of custom clothing you receive when ordering from us.

With the desire to bring to everyone the elegant outfits for gentlemen to have the perfect outfit for work, party or wedding. Products are tailor-made and can be delivered from 3 to 5 days in our stores and from 1 to 2 weeks delivered to your home anywhere in the world.

August Tailor guarantee with customers

Everyone has their own preferences on fit and style. You shouldn’t be limited to the same items found on wardrobe when choosing August Tailor is your destination. You could find anyone walking down the street.

With the process from choosing fabric materials, colours, to styles, designs and finally taking measurements on your body is done with ease and comfort. The parameters will be stored in the store for three years so you can easily order your next suits. August Tailor ready to serve whenever you need.

If you’re looking for a Custom Tailoring that has been created and fitted solely for you, you should take that next step to purchase at August Tailor.


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