Mens Linen Shirts
Mens Linen Shirts

On the day when the temperature is high and hot, especially in the summer, we are starting to want to dress in fabrics that are a little lighter and more comfortable. A linen shirt is a great choice for you. It’s forming an essential part of a capsule wardrobe when travelling or in a hot and humid climate. Not only is it a beautifully breathable material, but it's generally more sustainable than cotton and other popular threads. If you are wondering where to buy a linen shirt for men, come August Tailor to own the perfect linen shirt for your wardrobe.

What is linen?

Linen is a natural fibre made from the stalks of the flax plant Linum usitatissimum. Linen also has the reputation as being the world’s strongest natural fiber.

Linen has the particularity to keep us cool despite the high temperatures. Its textured and natural material plays in a casual style. Indeed, linen is full of qualities when the hot weather arrives, especially if you want to wear it at work.

These days, textiles account for the majority of linen grown, with clothing forming only a very small percentage, making a well-sourced and cared for linen shirt and all the more valuable additions to your wardrobe.

The benefits of linen shirt


Linen is actually a versatile fabric which provides warmth in winter and keeps you cool during summer. Due to its weave and the natural properties of flax fibres, linen fabric is breathable, allowing air to flow between the fibres. Linen is the perfect fabric if you suffer from overheating or need to stay cool at work or on days out. You get a better airflow over the body when you wear a linen shirt.

Breathable and highly absorbent

Combined with its lack of Linen has a very high moisture absorbency rate, making it the ideal summer fabric for hot and humid climates. Additionally, linen fibres are hollow and allow more airflow over your body than other materials. It’s also hypoallergenic, which means sweat is less likely to break down its fibres. This makes linen perfect for sunny spells and warm getaways, helping you to keep cool and avoid embarrassing sweat patches!

Strength and durability

Linen is considered to be the strongest of all natural fibres, and it's even been found to get stronger with washes! Flax fibres don’t stretch a great deal and are resistant to damage caused by abrasion, which generally speaking is a good thing, although repeated folding and ironing can wear out collars on linen shirts. Although a brand new cotton shirt will feel smoother and silkier to the touch, linen only really starts coming into its own after about three to five years of wear.

Lower environmental impact than cotton

The linen shirt process has been found to be significantly less water intensive than that for cotton, giving it a lower water footprint. Almost all of the flax plants can be used, and with the demand for flax seeds and oils increasing in the health food industry, there is very little to no wastage of the plants. Plus, being a natural fibre it's also biodegradable.

Suitable for every season

One of the wonders of linen is keeping you both cool and warm. It’s obvious that linen clothing is perfect for summer: it is lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking… But people are increasingly choosing linen garments for spring, autumn, and even winter. So while cotton or wool might make you feel warmer at first, it will also make you sweat. Linen clothes will retain the heat from your body and release the excess making you feel nice and cozy.

Where to get mens liner shirts?

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