How To Wear A Three Piece Suit
How To Wear A Three Piece Suit

Suit is the unique clothes which symbolize the elegance and handsomeness of the men. Now, many types of suits appear and a three piece suit is one of the most popular types in the world. Although people don’t wear it every day, it always helps your appearance become special anywhere when you choose it. With its unique design, you need to find out how to wear a Three Piece Suit. This is a great pleasure of August Tailor to give you some tips for wearing it.

What is a Three Piece Suit?

Three Piece Suit is a type suit that includes three pieces: a jacket, pants and a waistcoat. It has the difference with standard suits with only two pieces including jacket and pants. In Three Piece Suit, a waistcoat is the special difference. This is the reason why you need to know how to assort colors between pieces to make them matching together.

How to wear a Three Piece Suit for men?

Choose suitable form and material

Not only Three Piece Suit but also all types of suit should be chosen with the suitable form and material. From that, people who wear it can feel comfortable and want to use it for long-term. You need to choose a suit with the waistcoat that fits your body and the jacket roomy enough to easily button up over the top. Moreover, the length of the waistcoat should be paid attention too. Choosing your waistcoat should cover the waistband of your pants without extending too long. Then, material can be a soft fabric which can absorb perspiration well.

Combine smart accessories

To make your appearance become professional and elegant, let’s combine your suit with suitable accessories. Some accessories are usually used with Three Piece Suit likes watches, leather shoes, cravat, pocket square scarf… With cravat, its color has to be similar to your shirt’s color to give you the harmonious overall. With other accessories, you shouldn’t combine too many types on your body. That can make you lose the unique suit.

Choose color for each occasion

Have you ever wondered the suitable color for each occasion? August Tailor will share with you some important tips to choose the type of colors which you can choose for everywhere you go. The important thing is that you have to choose a basic color for your shirt to make sure that it helps your clothes isn’t jumble and too motley.

  • To wear a Three Piece Suit for a formal occasion, such as weddings, anniversaries, black is the best choice for you
  • To find a suit to make your look become smart and flattering on almost any skin tone, navy is an excellent idea. It’s really suitable for business environment but still handsome and modern
  • To choose a suit to work, grey style with a traditionally patterned cravat is a good opinion.
  • To look for a new look with modern style, a brown three piece suit paired with a white shirt, baby blue tie is the good combination.

August Tailor always brings the best things to your beauty

August Taylor is a good address about tailoring suit services in Ho Chi Minh City for many foreigners and tourists from many countries. Because we understand that many foreigners come to Vietnam to travel and work but they usually have difficulty in looking for a true place to book themselves a suit. Therefore, August Tailor designs and creates perfectly many types of suits with high quality for you.

Each product at August Tailor is always created by our professional tailors who have many experiences in tailoring. At our store, you will receive unique services that we will take your measurements exactly to ensure that it fits on your body 100 percent. Our process completes quickly like we promise to help you save your time for waiting and wear it on time you want. In addition, all products are tailor-made and can be delivered within 3 to 5 days in our stores and 1 to 2 weeks delivered to your home anywhere in the world. Moreover, you will be served by enthusiastic staff who can answer all your queries directly and through hotline 24/7.

August Tailor always chooses the best material for each product and tries our best to make it with the suitable price for all customers. Especially, we can create many new models based on your requirement from material to design. We ensure beauty from designs, fabrics always make customers feel satisfied, served in the most dedicated way. Customers can easily book a suitable suit with your style, body shape and using purpose.

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