How much is a tailored shirt?
How much is a tailored shirt?

You go to shirt stores and you don't see a shirt that you can fit. In your mind, you have the question "How much is a tailored shirt?". August Tailor has many years of experience making beautiful shirts with low prices. You should come to our store to sew. We give me a perfect shirt.

What is a tailored shirt?
You can buy a tailored shirt that is close to your size and bring it into August Tailor to bring up the sleeves, shoulders, or even the length of the shirt. It gives you a little more room in terms of customizing the fit of the shirt to your unique body size which can be critical.


What is a tailored shirt?


Why do you choose to sew shirt at August Tailor ?
We always think that fashion is the constant exploration and creativity, that's why the fashion products of August Tailor are designed with elegant, youthful, modern and catchy colors. the latest fashion trends in the world. Together with a team of young tailors combined with skilled tailors with more than 20 years of experience, we want to bring perfection every day to men through each product. Careful every detail, ensuring customers comfort according to needs as well as preferences.
With the process from choosing fabric materials, colours, to styles, designs and finally taking measurements on your body is done with ease and comfort. The parameters will be stored in the store for three years so you can easily order your next suits. Products are tailor-made and can be delivered within 3 or 5 days in our stores and within 1 or 2 weeks delivered to your home anywhere in the world.
Through many years working in the field of
tailored shirt. The number of our customers is growing, not only domestic customers but also international customers coming to Vietnam. Serve for many user needs (office staff, businessmen, weddings, events)

August Tailor as a custom tailoring shop in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It has earned a global reputation for providing stylish, high-quality, modern apparel that fits all body types. We believe we are not another tailor in Ho Chi Minh. We want our customers to come back year after year and tell all their friends and family. We manufacture beautifully crafted garments that are just right for you. We have our own tailors that allow us to bring you a truly custom tailoring experience.

Why do you choose to sew shirt at August Tailor ?

The benefits of Tailored shirt at August Tailor Ho Chi Minh

  • Flattering cuts and styles are the expert domain of professional tailors. August Tailor will be able to advise you according to your shape and style on questions like lapel width, gussets, pleats, taper, collar shape and more. We have dressed thousands of people and August Tailor know how to bring out the best in you by highlighting your best qualities and diverting attention from any problem areas.

  • Custom fit is the primary reason to invest in tailored clothes. When clothes are built to your body, they’ll feel comfortable without being baggy or formless. This is key to maximizing the flattering quality of your outfits.

  • Efficiency: unless you love shopping–or are up against a deadline–the turnaround time for a custom tailored piece is well worth it. Your initial investment of arranging a consultation and a fitting will take less time in the long run than searching through multiple stores, with dozens of visits to the fitting room. This is especially true if you’re not built to match the standard proportions on which clothing manufacturers rely. 

  • You can express yourself. Instead of being limited by off-the-rack availability, you can have the colors, prints, stripes and shapes you prefer. Maybe the fashion world is in love with the narrow lapel, but you like them wider; maybe double-breasted suits aren’t in vogue, but you want to make a vintage statement. August Tailor will bring your vision alive.

  • Tailored clothes last a long time. They are built well out of the highest quality materials. All elements are carefully selected for maximum performance. The weight of the fabric, the interfacing, the stitch length and more are all calculated to make the garment look its best and retain its shape for a long time. They are easier to alter than mass-produced garments. Once you develop a relationship with a tailor, it’s much easier to bring items back to him if your weight distribution changes. Tailored shirt is also less likely to require any repairs.

The benefits of Tailored shirt at August Tailor Ho Chi Minh

Commitments of August Tailor Ho Chi Minh
Free consulting staff
The price is extremely economical
Good quality fabric
Design a beautiful Shirt
Ready to fix the suit
When you visit August Tailor store to
Tailored Shirt, we will have many deals for you. Please contact August Tailor Ho Chi Minh immediately for answers and to get a free advice.

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