How Much Does a Bespoke Wedding Suit Cost?
How Much Does a Bespoke Wedding Suit Cost?

These days, men tend to be more choosy about their wedding suits than they used to. As they are becoming more fashion sensible, they are inclined to pay greater attention to their clothing for the special day. There is a reason why male are now turning to tailors for creating the perfect bespoke wedding suits. A costume like this adds incredible value to the occasion if made by professional tailors, so it can also get expensive. If you are wondering "How Much Does a Bespoke Wedding Suit Cost?", August tailor will help you get the best price.


Why you should choose a bespoke wedding suit for a big day?


“Grooms are often at the bottom of the list”. There is no doubt that when it comes to weddings, the groom usually chooses random outfits in store to save money. There are many reasons for this, not least that the venue, caterers, cars and entertainment (which usually cost the biggest share of any budget) now need to be booked up years in advance. However, the wedding ceremony is not perfect if both groom and bride don't wear the best outfit. Following the trend, a bespoke wedding suit is the best option for the modern groom because of the advantage of them.

Bespoke is all about the meticulous details, from the colour of your lining right down to the buttons and buttonholes. Unlike a business suit, a wedding suit offers an opportunity to create a unique outlook like the same as your personality and what your wedding means to you. You can choose to mix your colour scheme in the stitching, lining or have a personal signal embroidered into your jacket. All these details will add sentimental value to your suit and separate you from the crowd on your big day.

At August Tailor, fit is the factor that we consider first. Our bespoke wedding suit will help to transform your overall look and make you feel amazing. Then for the quality, we’ll help you choose a suitable design in a quality fabric so that you can pull it out of your wardrobe time everyday not only for wedding day.


What factors affect the price of Bespoke Wedding Suit?


Materials: The fabrics used to sew the garment are of exclusive quality and limitation. August tailor should help you choose a material that suits both the occasion and the season. If you are planning for a summer wedding, we will recommend breezy and light pieces like linen that will keep you cool from start to finish. For winter weddings, it makes sense to stick with thick and warm, comfy fabrics such as blends of silk and wool.

Each piece is hand-stitched and made individually to fit the customer’s unique body shape. There is no existing pattern or one-size-fits-all clothing. Everything is done from scratch. August tailor gives you the best experience from the moment you walk into our store till you leave. We also take your measurements with the care you deserve with a careful tailoring process. The wedding suit is made by skilled tailors and all of the tailoring process is done by handiwork. The product is a limited version for you.

There are various types of formal bespoke wedding suit for men and just as many tastes such as the classic three-piece suit which comprises a vest, jacket, and pants. Others are tuxedos and tailcoats. Your choice is decided the price you must pay for the suit.


August Tailor – Bespoke wedding suit with the best price



Tailoring a bespoke wedding suit is a one-off experience, so finding a tailor that not only understands your style, but listens to what you want and not what they think you should have, is really important. At August tailor, we approach customers in a pretty relaxed and informal way. Our role is to make your ideas come true, advise you what necessary and work with you to create your perfect wedding suit.

The more famous the brand is, the more expensive it is. To us, quality is the core value that we want to bring to our customers. August Tailor always wants to help customers get the best price when experiencing our service.

If you’re thinking about investing in a bespoke suit for your wedding, why not get in touch with us for a relaxed appointment to explore your ideas and discuss some options? We’d love to help so give us a call on (+84) 935 99 0405 to schedule an appointment.



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