The Young European Style Business Suit
The Young European Style Business Suit

Suits are the best idea to make the men to be professional the most in business environment. However, each average ages always has differences in “mix and match” it together. Especially, the young European has many interesting tips for dressing up suit that you need to find out. To help you do that, August Tailor is pleasured to share with you the young European style Business Suit which you can easily apply for yourself.

Some tips to help young man to be more youthful

Wear a business suit without the cravat

Cravat is an accessory that helps men to become more luxurious and elegant. In addition, the tie combined with a suit is also the good combination for the gentleman. However, this combination often makes your look much more mature and stately. Therefore, if you are a young European want to have a youthful fashion style when wearing Business Suit, you should not wear a cravat for all days. If you must wear, just consider the small cravat with basic color. It will help you to be younger and comfortable for a whole day.

Don’t close the button when it unnecessary

A suit usually has a button on the lower part of suit and almost people always close button when wearing suit. Although suit buttons are very useful to help men to be more polite and embrace their body. However, this way also makes the wearer more mature and not youthful as expected. On the other hand, sometimes this action will reveal some disadvantages of your body when the shirt is tight. Therefore, with the youthful way of wearing men's Business Suit, you should not button if it is not really necessary.

The new ways for mix and match business suit for young European

Combine with T-shirt

People often think that men's suits must be combined with shirts and pants for the perfect combination. However, this combination often makes the wearer more formal and mature. Therefore, if you wear this style, you will not get the youthfulness that you want.

Instead of matching the vest with a men's shirt and trousers, you can choose to combine with a T-shirt and pants. This unique combination will help the wearer to be much younger, more active. Moreover, men's suits and T-shirts are not only popular with young people but also office gentlemen. You can mix clothes with T-shirts to go out, go to work, travel,… But you should keep the leather shoes to keep the elegance.

Wear suit with haft boot

You can transform with high-heeled shoes to have an elegant look and add a little warm to working day.

Ready to wear a striking vignette suit

Do you want to wear a Business Suit without being boring? Let’s choose suits that are no there is only black, dark blue and gray around - why not choose a striped pattern. This is a very youthful and fashionable suit.

Wear suit when deciding to choose sports shoes or sneaker

Do you want to wear a suit with sneakers? It is a good idea but the right shoes will have a simple and elegant design. Leather sports shoes are the best choice

August Tailor – The best place to find the best suits

As a young man, you don't have to choose classic suits or use the traditional way of wearing a suit like wearing a traditional tie. Instead, be flexible in the way of coordination, just a small change like choosing a different style, color of the shirt, you will also become youthful

Understand your expectation, August Tailor creates products to increate youthful temperament of the gentleman. We spend a lot of enthusiasm and resources to design and manufacture different suit models.

Firstly, each products at August Tailor is always created by our professional tailors who have many experiences in tailoring. When you come to our store, we will take your measurements exactly to ensure that it fits on your body 100 percent. Our process completes quickly with the high quality to help you save your time in waiting. All products are tailor-made and can be delivered within 3 to 5 days in our stores and 1 to 2 weeks delivered to your home anywhere in the world.

At August Tailor, we always choose the best material for each product and put our attempt to make it with the best price. Especially, we can create a new model based on your requirement from material to design.


If you are interested in tailoring Business Suit service or any services from us such as custom-tailored suits, shirts, jackets, tuxedo, trousers… at August Tailor, please contact us on contact information below. We believe that your satisfaction is our good motivation to continue to improve and develop services.


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